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Weekend Reading 10.17.21

I’m leaving Italy tomorrow after a week of beautiful scenery and great weather and lucky me this was a great time to visit.

There was some additional paperwork and tests needed to get here and fly home but it went smoothly since I budgeted extra time for that. I came with two of my best travel mates and we had a great time. Of course I’ll share my experience on the blog soon!

Now it’s back to real life! I read it will rain this week so I’ll be catching up on work and making favorite homemade soups. 🙂

Favorite links from the week: 

I especially love the design of the built in bookcases in this home.

Bravo: this mural wallpaper is stunning.

Ideas for childproofing your home without sacrificing style.

100% agree: the best brand of paint for refinishing cabinets.

Loved reading the process of this glass artist.

So clever and fun, this geometric wainscoting.

Eww, I mean cool! How fun for Halloween: Jello blood worms.

Recommended plants for bedrooms.

Her underwater dances are impressive.

Martha is the queen of indoor Halloween.

Stanley Tucci reflects on how Julia Child changed his life.

Vacation rental of the week: this villa in Sicily.

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