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How to create a breathtaking penthouse on a budget?

This heading is a classic example of an oxymoron. How can someone create a luxury penthouse on a budget? Penthouses are luxury living at its best. They are supposed to incorporate excellent design and top-of-the-line elements such as high-end appliances and exquisite furnishing. As we all know, bespoke furniture and high-tech appliances don’t come cheap. So, is it really possible to create a luxe penthouse at an economical cost? The answer is YES!

Penthouses are generally considered prestigious properties for their breathtaking views and top-floor locations. The structural privileges of such properties are lavish enough to evade the requirement of expensive décor. Embrace the natural beauty of these top-floor apartments and go minimalistic in furnishing. 

The First step in creating a luxe home is to cautiously layout your interior design plan. Incorporate amenities that would raise the value of the house over time. 

Design a private outdoor terrace

A beautiful terrace or deck exudes luxury when replete with all the required amenities and the right elements. Choose solid timber flooring for your balcony. Hardwood decking will not only upscale the appearance but also add value to your apartment. A private and spacious balcony adorned with plants and beautiful lighting will add extra oomph to your property. Enhance the outdoor setting with comfortable furniture and useful amenities like a barbeque station or a heated spa. If you have built an outdoor space on the rooftop, then get a winding staircase to access that space from your apartment.

Invest in quality furniture and not pretentious furniture

There is no need to empty your savings to get luxurious furniture. Something minimalist like an arched-shaped or L-shaped sofa with comfortable cushions can also do the job. Going minimalist doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury. Many architects and designers swear by the saying, less is more! Just try to keep your furniture in sync with the wall colour, ceilings, and the overall vibe. Go for polished wooden furniture to give a classy edge to your apartment. 

If your apartment lacks designated dining or entertainment area, then you can create one by purchasing or building a customizable room divider. 

Use one type of flooring throughout the space

While it is tempting to go for marble flooring because of its divine looks, it might cost you a fortune in doing so. However, there is a comparatively economical substitute to marble flooring and, that is timber flooring. I know both these types of flooring are poles apart and have almost nothing in common besides one thing, they’re both gorgeous.

A sophisticated pattern of timber flooring like parquetry can give your home a plush and classy look. If you choose one flooring material throughout the house, your house will look wider in appearance. 

Choose glamorous lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Go for a grand chandelier as the centrepiece for your living room and balance it out with pendant lights for the kitchen and table lamps for the bedrooms. 

Other elements

Other elements like a personal bar, chic and cosy fireplace, floor-to-ceiling library, walk-in closet, or dressing room can add a lot of charm to your apartment. Depending on your budget, you can include the above elements. Always remember one thing though, it’s the extra touches that make your residence look extra special.

While designing your penthouse, focus on the following factors, your requirements, your expectations, and your affordability. If there is a balance between these three, then you would be able to get the house of your dream without breaking your bank balance. 

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