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How Stucco Contractors Can Help You Save Money on Your Home Remodel Project

stucco contractorsStucco Contractors face several hazards on all sides. You could run into trouble in your own business or shop, at a residential property or a general commercial construction site, while you’re working, driving, or after a job has been completed. Stucco Contractors Jacksonville FL always have a first aid kit with them. This will come in handy if there’s an accident or an injury, especially on a job site. Remember, not all stucco installation is safe. Some stucco installation might even be dangerous!

Stucco is a fantastic product, especially for stucco installation on the outside of your home. Exterior finishes are becoming very popular, including stucco finish for your new home. Stucco is often used for its beauty and versatility. It can be used on anything from your new house siding to your driveway, garage, and even your exterior roof. Many architects and stucco dealers are starting to offer a non-siding exterior finish to use with stucco. Using a stucco/permanent siding combination will provide years of beauty and durability.

Stucco installation can be tricky and may require professional knowledge and skill. This is especially true with a project like a roof or an exterior wall that requires stucco contractors and expert knowledge. Your roofing contractor should not only know how to install it properly, but should also know how to inspect it carefully. Along with this knowledge comes a great deal of safety. As the Stucco Manufacturer recommended, “properly trained and certified stucco contractors will have the tools, training and experience necessary to perform any form of stucco repair, maintenance, restoration or installation.”

If your home’s Stucco has been damaged, stained, chipped, cracked, or appears otherwise in poor condition, it’s probably time to get a new look. No matter what the condition of your current home, stucco contractors and stucco retailers can help you find a beautiful, durable product to install over your existing siding or on your new home’s exterior walls. The most important aspect of choosing a stucco contractor or stucco manufacturer is to make sure they are fully licensed and bonded with the right insurance. No matter what stucco looks like or how it feels on your hand, it can cause damage if it is not installed correctly. Not only could you have costly repairs, you could face fines and even jail time for failing to follow building codes and regulations regarding stucco.

Proper stucco installation requires the use of a professional stucco contractor’s tools and equipment. This equipment can include; mixing tanks, saws, trowels, Sanders, high pressure torches, hammer, water hoses and sprayers. All of these tools and equipment should be regularly inspected for wear and tear. A professional stucco contractor will be happy to provide you with a list of current equipment and any necessary replacements.

Not only will a stucco contractor insurance policy cover professional repair and replacement costs of damaged parts or entire projects, but also covering payment bonds and contractor liens. Payment bonds protect your investment by making sure that you make timely payments to your builder. Liens will allow you to have legal protection in the event that the builder doesn’t construct the project on time and/or doesn’t complete the job completely. Most insurance companies will require stucco contractors to obtain liability, property, and payment bonds before being granted business insurance policy coverage.

One reason why stucco contractors are licensed is because they perform a unique skill that is not often found in other construction trades. Stucco layters actually build two coats of waterproofing foam instead of one. The first layer is typically made of the base coat, which is mixed with a curing agent, sanded and shaped to form the stucco coat. The second coat is made of the insulation board which is cured and shaped like a brick, to resemble the brick of a building.

With a stucco contractor’s insurance policy, you can protect your investment from property damage, injury claims, and loss due to an insured contractors negligence. For more detailed information about insurance cover and stucco installation, contact a local general contracting company today. Each state has different requirements for stucco installation, so an independent insurance agent is needed to ensure your property is covered appropriately. An independent insurance agent can help you determine the right stucco contractors for your home remodeling project.