Project Category: Merit Award Specialty

Award Winning Contractor:  Garnett Construction

Project Description

GOING UP? – This home was built in 1990 and both owners are now in the early stages of retirement. They were encouraged to prepare for the “Golden Years” by their parents, who were in their 80’s and 90’s and still living on their own. So, while other parts of the house (Kitchen and Master Bathroom) were being renovated, the owners decided it was a good time to do something extra for the future.
As a proactive measure for aging-in-place, a 15 square foot “addition” was built onto the side of the home for the installation of a wheelchair accessible elevator.

The 2-stop elevator, with 2 HP gear drive, has a weight capacity of 950 lbs. A birch wood finished interior with matching handrail, accordion-fold door and four recessed LED lights are featured. Its location off the Master Bedroom on the second floor, and the Dining Room on the first, has already proved to be worth the expense, cutting down on numerous trips up and down the main stairs.