Project Category:  Grand Award Residential Exterior

Award Winning Contractor: Garnett Construction

Project Description

A 10’ LIFT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE – The owner purchased the original waterfront house for the land, intending to level the structure to build her dream home. However, after conferring with the builder, she changed her mind and decided to preserve the solid parts, and renovate extensively.

Prior to the total demolition of the interior, a large, indoor pool was discovered on the 1st floor. Subsequently, the removal of the pool left a large, gaping hole. So, when the house needed to be raised 10 feet, due to new county codes for waterfront properties, the hole created a challenge.

Temporary support was built to reinforce the front and back sides of the house, so they would not cave in during the lifting process. After the structure was raised, the extensive interior construction commenced.

A unique PVC siding was installed on the exterior of the entire house. A screened-in deck area that remains dry was accomplished with a gutter system in the ceiling.

The county would not allow a large porch to be built on the front of the house, due to the house’s proximity to both the front and back setback easements. The owner settled for the largest porch possible.

The original design plan did not include windows on the front of the 3rd level, so a dormer was added to the front to produce interest and a nicer curb appeal, as well as providing water views from the front of the house.