Project Category:  Grand Award Non-Residential

Award Winning Contractor: Hatchett Design and Remodel

Project Description

When designing a showroom for a residential design firm you are faced with some interesting challenges. First, you are designing residential vignettes within a commercial space-which has challenges within itself. The designs need to speak about the remodeler/huilders style and ability, but also appear to all different styles, budgets and layouts. The designs need to be on top of trends, but either easily updated or timeless enough to stand several years on the showroom floor. The vignettes should look like someone’s kitchen, but also allow for storage or samples, interior features and options within the collections shown. And the challenge gets really good when you take a municipal building full of builder white walls, colonial blue moulding and 7’6″ dropped ceilings into a contemporary design showroom.

We had a few ways to approach these challenges to make this showroom as beautiful, efficient and functional as possible. First we decide on an overall theme- make each vinaigrette show as a piece of art work. We accomplished this by using crisp, white walls and exposed ceilings in the main showroom, then dropping drywall ceilings into each “kitchen” or “hath”- allowing the vignettes to stand out and the main room fade into the hack ground. We enhanced this feeling by lighting as well.

Second, we tried to display three general styles- traditional, transitional and modern. Within those styles, we tried to make sure no selections or features overlapped (ie. If we used a lazy susan in the transitional kitchen, we could use a blind corner in the traditional kitchen). We also tried to cover several price points within each style as well.

Lastly, tried to make sure of every inch of space. We created a resource library for meeting with clients, but used a white shaker cabinet to not only create built in’s for storage but also show clients that door style and finish. We also used things such as tray dividers, lazy Susan, and utensil organizers to organize samples.

Overall, we felt it was very important to create a space that not only showed off the builders craftsmanship and design abilities, but appealed to clients enough to make them feel at home, welcome and comfortable. We could not be more proud of the finished space!