Project Category: Grand Award Addition

Award Winning Contractor:  Hatchett Design and Remodel

Project Description

In August 2000, our clients purchased their forever home to raise their child and several four legged friends. Over the years they made minor maintenance improvements to their home but with retirement looming they wanted to redesign their space to make it more accommodating as they aged or if a parent needed to move in. The project consisted of a 2 story addition and first floor remodel accompanied with an outdoor entertaining area.

The 2 story addition was built off the back of the house overlooking their pool with space designed for future elevator installation. The original master bedroom and bathroom expanded in order to create a new study, master bathroom, walk-in closets and a very private master bedroom. Underneath the new master suite, the clients are currently using it as overflow from their family room. However, in case a parent needs to move in the space was also designed for easy bedroom conversion.

The original 1st floor layout was very dosed off and not conducive for entertaining, especially large family gatherings and pool parties. The eat-in kitchen stepped down from the kitchen creating a hazard for children and aging parents. Also, the original beam carrying the second floor load was not correctly sized and some of their original pier footings were failing due to the soil. After engaging with a structural engineer, we were able to properly size the beams and footings in order to open the den, dining room, kitchen and raise the eat-in kitchen floors. Creating a new space able to accommodate large crowds!

The clients spent a lot of time in their backyard and in their pool so we wanted to help them enjoy the outdoors for as much of the year as possible: covered deck area with outdoor television and fans, pavers with a fire pit area and an open deck to enjoy the vitaminC!